Frames And Lenses

Have you been wanting to upgrade your look with a new style of glasses but aren’t sure which way to go? Would you like someone to help you find the perfect look for you? If you are going to wear glasses, you want ones that reflect your personality and style and with so many choices to chose from, we can help you find the look you want.

The number of choices available can feel overwhelming until you meet with one of our trained professionals. They guide you through the various colour and shape options available as well as the different functions each pair serves.  Such as reading, watching TV, driving, playing golf or other activities.

Choosing the right prescription lenses involves finding a design you like with a material that will suit your needs and the proper treatments to preserve the glasses. Our eye care professionals can facilitate these options.

There are a number of things to think about when choosing glasses: the long-term wearing comfort they can provide, their style, features and function. We can guide you in making the best choices to fill these requirements.

Do you need to correct near or far sightedness? Maybe you require “progressive” polycarbonate lenses? Whatever your need, we are happy to help you with these decisions.

Glasses and sunglasses are a great way to complement your appearance and protect your eyes while out and about. They allow you to bring out the color of your eyes and show off the most appealing features of your face. We have many options available to help find the best pair(s) for you. 

One annoying issue for those who wear prescription glasses is the glare that can be caused when light bounces of the lens. This does not have to be a problem though, because you may choose to have an “Anti-Reflective” coating for lenses that reduces the glare or reflection caused.  This is also true for people using computer screens as it will reduce the glare you get from the screen.

You may count on us to help you choose the lens and style that is most suitable for your work or play.

The frames you choose for your lenses should be comfortable and also enhance your appearance. We are happy to assist with your choices.

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